Mayfield Salisbury Parish (Edinburgh) Church of Scotland was formed on 7 February 1993 when Mayfield and Salisbury Churches united. Both these churches had resulted from earlier unions. Thus our congregation springs from four roots, though none began life as Church of Scotland. The chart below shows the unions which took place.

The  information in the image right is taken from the booklet entitled Parish Guide which was prepared by Andrew Bethune and published by Mayfield Salisbury Church in 1996

Our Roots

Scottish Church History

A brief summary of the ins-and-outs of Scottish Church history may help to explain the denominational labels.

The question of who should select ministers sparked off the creation of the Secession and Relief Churches, which broke away from the Church of Scotland during the 18th Century. The Secession Churches then split over the question of whether it was lawful for Christians to take the Burgess Oath – hence the ‘Burghers’ and ‘Antiburghers’. In 1820 most of the Burghers and Antiburghers reunited as the ’United Associate’ or ‘United Secession’, and in 1847 merged with the Relief Church as the United Presbyterians. Meanwhile, in 1843, the Free Church had broken from the Church of Scotland at the ‘Disruption’. 1900 saw the creation of the United Free Church by a merger of the United Presbyterians with most of the Free Church. Finally, an Act of Parliament (1921) freed the Church of Scotland from state control and paved the way for reunion with (most of) the United Free Church.

The  below information is taken from the booklet entitled Parish Guide which was prepared by Andrew Bethune and published by Mayfield Salisbury Church in 1996.