Walter Thomson – Choir Leader


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Walter Thomson’s association with Mayfield Salisbury goes back a long way as his parents were members here before he was born! He has been Choir Leader since 2004. A solicitor by training, he has had a huge amount of experience of singing and choirs since his university days at Edinburgh, including many areas of church music.

He was musical director of the Jubilo Choir: an Edinburgh based adult mixed choir of around 80 voices, with which he has been associated for over 30 years. When asked how important music is in worship, Walter replied ‘It is enormously important. Almost all churches use music in their worship, and virtually all the great choral works are on religious or spiritual or philosophical themes. Then as well as the choral repertoire, there is gospel music, spirituals, hymns and psalms. Music is unique.  It communicates with the whole person at different levels – with the intellect, the emotions, the senses, the body.  It helps us to articulate our faith.'.