For Mayfield Salisbury, 2013 was a 'Year of Pilgrimage'


Solitude___Inchcolme_Isalnd__Firth_of_Forth_DSCF8663.JPG'Pilgrimage has been an image of the Christian life for 2000 years. There is enormous spiritual gain to be had by taking time apart from one's usual routine in order to be alone with God, or alone with others in communion with God.  

Our Year of Pilgrimage programme has included a wide variety of different retreats to suit all ages and Cross_at_The_Bield_Retreat_Centre__Perthshire_IMG_5115.JPGcircumstances. There have been single afternoons locally; whole days within easy travelling distance; overnight stays, a weekend away and a longer stay further afield. Some have been particularly suitable for families, some quite active and some required less physical effort. 

Often what makes a pilgrimage or retreat special and memorable are the things we had never anticipated: a new insight, an enriched relationship, the grace of beauty from a garden, the renewed sense of God's Presence. I encourage you, either as part of one of our organised events or alone, to push yourself this year. Make it one of your goals to deepen your relationship with God, to explore God's Mystery and Presence in your life. If you do, at the end of the year, you and we will be changed.'

Scott S McKenna



Leafelt - The leaflet which contained information about all our pilgrimages can be downloaded here:files/FlyerFinal2.pdf

Photographs taken on the Pilgrimages are in the Gallery

News Item - There is also an illustrated news item.


Books recommended by Revd Scott McKenna for our Year of Pilgrimage 2013 are:

Richard Rohr: The Naked Now: Learning to see as the Mystics see
Martin Laird:  Into the Silent Land: The Practice of Contemplation
Benignus O'Rourke:  Finding Your Hidden Treasure: The Way of Silent Prayer
Graham Turner:  The Power of Silence: The Riches that Lie  Within
Henri J M Nouwen:   The Inner Voice:  A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom 
Stephen Cherry: Barefoot Discipleship: Walking the way of Passionate Humility