Pilgrimages 2015

Seven different pilgrimages are planned for 2015. These including pilgrimages to both Lindisfarne and Inchcolm, and an all day pilgrimage to Glasgow.  There is also a day retreat to The Bield for our Youth Ministry team, a pilgrimage to North Berwick for the Kirk Session and afternoon pilgrimages nearer home for those who are less mobile. Details of all the pilgrimages can be found in the PILGRIMAGES 2015 LEAFLET  which can be downloded here.

The News Section contains details of the Pilgrimage to LIndisfarne 2015 and the Pilgrimage to Glasgow 2015.

Further photographs can be found in the 2015 (June to December) album in the Gallery


'The most important journey we make in life is the inner journey. That journey can be greatly enriched and blessed when we open ourselves to the possibility of encountering the Holy in sacred places and in those we meet there and on the way. It is a real joy to me that pilgrimage is core to our selfunderstanding at Mayfield Salisbury. I wish you peace and adventure on your journey.'  Scott S McKenna