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Day 3 – Journal and Reflection

It has been a long, tiring but rewarding day, a lengthy walk of 20 miles in the heat with a heavy pack, so that at times it seemed like double that! A gorgeous summer ferry crossing to Mull, a long stretch along the main road, and then beside Loch Spelve arriving late afternoon in the beauty of Lochbuie. Fifteen miles down, it was a struggle to cover the final five miles on the coastal path to Carsaig. But here I am in the tent, sun setting on Jura and Islay beyond - a blissful end. I recalled Kenneth Steven’s poem about Carsaig as I walked, and many of his descriptions ring true tonight. 
I was thinking along the way of vulnerability- how on my own a sudden twist of the ankle over a boulder could leave me stranded without help. I thought of God’s blessing for the road and Peter Miller’s words resonate. God bless you all tonight. I hope the photos and video bring it to life. Iona awaits tomorrow!

Journey Blessing by Peter Millar

May our journey ahead
Be blessed with
God’s laughter,
Often uncomfortable peace and
Compassion-filled surprises
Perhaps all in one day


Carsaig by Kenneth Steven

Over the edge of the moon of Mull
The talons of cliff sink into the sea.

Down below beneath the eagles
This is almost a strange Pacific.

Dripping red flowers, birdsong, ferns
In a jewellery of falls and pools.

Bees weaving their own song
In a golden cage of sunlight.

This Eden sleeping strange and rich
In the grey of the Atlantic.

Day 3 – Prayer

Revelations, by David Adam

Reveal in us your glory
Stir in us your power
Renew in us your Kingdom
Develop in us your faith
Show in us your way
Open in us your love
Strengthen in us your hope
Work in us your miracles
Revive in us your resurrection
Abide in us yourself