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Ascension 2021

Sunday 16 May 2021


Led by Revd Dr Sandy Forsyth and the congregation in church and online





 A downloadable PDF order of service is available here



Everyone welcome after the service for Zoom Coffee and Chat! The link is: pwd=SWVlZmQzMk9YZ2lBaTRCVlUvZ215dz09
Bring your own coffee (or tea/juice!) If you prefer to phone in, the number to call is 0131 460 1196.


FORTHCOMING SERVICES   The service next week (23 May) will be at 9.30am. Thereafter, the services will alternate week by week between 10.45am and 9.30am.  We understand that this may be confusing at times so please do call the church office (0780 801 1234) at any time or check the website for further information: Forthcoming dates and times are:

Sunday 23 May 9.30am All Age Worship
Sunday 30 May 10.45am Traditional Service
Sunday 6 June 9.30am All Age Worship 
Sunday 13 June 10.45am Communion 


ART INSTALLATION 7 - 28 JUNE    We are delighted that the artists Peter and Heidi Gardner will be creating an installation on the grass beside the church path on the West Mayfield side, to be in place for three weeks in June. For their work, see It is called ‘Hope Glimmers’, and will be created with themes in mind of renewal and hope, uniting the congregation and community as we begin to emerge from COVID-19. Watch this space (literally!).


CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 10 - 16 MAY 2021  This year Christian Aid shifts its attention back to the climate crisis and our global neighbours in Kenya who continue to battle the effects of extreme weather. People like Rose Katanu Jonathan, who is caught in a cycle of climate chaos. From severe drought to flooding, extreme weather robs her of what she needs to survive: a reliable source of water. The coronavirus pandemic has only made this lack of water more critical for Rose’s family as handwashing with soap and water is vital to stay safe against the virus.

This Christian Aid Week, will you stand with people like Rose?
With your support, Christian Aid can help communities withstand climate chaos: from building better earth dams to harvest more water, to sowing drought-tolerant crops, to demanding climate justice at the highest level.

Pray for climate justice at Take action for climate justice at Give for climate justice at, or by telephone on 020 7523 2269. Mayfield Salisbury’s Christian Aid Team is immensely grateful for all your generous support.


IN-PERSON RETURN ON 16 MAY!  In-person Youth Group sessions will be resuming from today until 20 June. Age groups will alternate weeks, and sessions will be for 1.5 hours. Hillary will be in touch with parents with further important covid-related details about the sessions, and information about how to book (booking is essential as capacity is limited). The P6-S1 Youth Group will meet tonight  from 7.00-8.30pm. Contact Hillary if you have any other questions!

PLEASE NOTE Due to current restrictions, Revd Dr Sandy Forsyth is regrettably unable to meet after the service today. Please feel free to be in contact by telephone 0131 667 1286 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


PASTORAL CARE  The weather certainly has been a challenge for those of us that had hoped to do some garden visits. “Ne’er cast a cloot ‘til May is oot” has never been so true! If you would now like to have a pastoral visitor or would like someone to phone you regularly, please contact me so that I can arrange that for you. Sandy and I are looking forward to meeting the pastoral visitors individually over zoom this Monday and Tuesday. We are so grateful for all that you do. Please notify us if you are going into hospital. Kay 07903 266307.


SUPPORT MAYFIELD SALISBURY CHURCH    Regular and one-off donations, now possible through:

OUR E-MAIL PRAYER CHAIN IS UP AND RUNNING!    If you or anyone that you know would like prayers to be offered to God for a particular person or situation, there is a group of members waiting to do so. Prayer requests for named others should be with their permission, but the prayers can be anonymous e.g. 'for a woman who...'.

Our Pastoral Assistant, Kay McIntosh, has kindly agreed to be the initial co-ordinator, and all prayer requests should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or handwritten and placed in the prayer box at the church door. An email will go out from Kay once a week with the prayer requests set out. If you would like to receive the weekly email and to pray for those situations, please also get in touch with Kay.

CORNERSTONE BOOKSHOP   If you are looking for a book to help you on your inward journey, expand your knowledge of Christian history, doctrine or the Bible, then please support our local bookshop Cornerstone Books for all your book buying needs. St John's Terrace, Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ. Telephone: 0131 229 3776. Opening Hours: 11.00 – 17.00 Monday to Saturday

Forthcoming Deadlines
Order of service for next week: Thursday at 6.00pm.
Next Grapevine: Friday 25 June at 6.00pm.
Please send submissions to the Church Manager, William Mearns.
Phone: 0780 801 1234 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Forthcoming Deadlines

Order of service for next week: Thursday at 6.00pm.

Next Grapevine: Friday 25 June at 6.00pm.

Please send submissions to the Church Manager, William Mearns.

Phone: 0780 801 1234 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church holds a CCLI Streaming License: #88916

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  • Because God is both knowable and unknowable the tension of the symbol, the multilayers of the myth and the openness of the poetic are all vital to our desire to celebrate the Mystery to whom we relate and in whom we have our being.
    Mark Oakley

  • You must love him as he is: neither God, nor spirit, nor image; even more, the One without commingling, pure, luminous ...

    Meister Eckhart

  • The purpose of our life is God's glory. However lowly a life is, that is what makes it great.
    Oscar Romero

  • Faith may justify bigotry or fanaticism, as Church history tragically witnesses. It needs a safeguard. If it is not animated as it were by the greatest of the theological virtues (love), faith can become defective.
    Thomas Norris

  • Dry not, dry not, your tears of love eternal! Only to eyes that fail to weep does this world seem so dull and dead. Dry not, dry not, those long, sad tears of love.
    Johann von Goette

  • The post modern paradigm manifests itself as a unity which preserves diversity and diversity which strives after unity.
    David Bosch

  • There is only one assertion that requires no evidence. Children are a sacred trust...Unless we care properly for our children, we shall never build a better world.
    'A Good Childhood’ The Children’s Society

  • These are only hints and guesses, hints followed by guesses; and the rest is prayer.
    'The Dry Salvages' T.S.Eliot

  • According to strict truth, God is incomprehensible, and incapable of being measured.

  • Myth is a story about the way things never were, but always are.
    Thomas Mann

  • In the darkness ...The child of your love - and now become as the most hated one - the one You have thrown away as unwanted - unloved ..... The darkness is so dark .... I have no faith.
    Mother Teresa

  • I love the Bible. I owe my faith and my life to the Bible and its liberating message. It is in the Bible that I first met Jesus ... I too am included in God's embrace.
    Gene Robinson

  • It is this great absence that is like a presence, that compels me to address it without hope of a reply ....
    R.S. Thomas

  • Faith is not a proud self-consistent philosophy. It involves maintaining oneself between contradictions that can't be solved by analysis. It is therefore a living response to the grace of God as revealed in fragile lives.
    Mark Oakley

  • Any religion which does not say that God is hidden is not true.
    Blaise Pascal

  • The contemporary Church is losing aspects of its wide and generous memory and therefore condemning itself to become a 'swimming pool Church' - one that has all the noise coming from the shallow end.
    Mark Oakley

  • For all your doctrinal headaches take Paradox.
    Mark Oakley

  • The true vision and the true knowledge of what we seek consists precisely in not seeing, in an awareness that our goal transcends all knowledge and is everywhere cut off from us by the darkness of incomprehensibility.
    St Gregory of Nyssa

  • Death, death be hanged, the Lord has promised me that I shall live. This I believe!
    Martin Luther

  • We feel that even when all possible scientific questions have been answered, the problems of life have not been put to rest.

  • Religion is the flight of the alone to the Alone.

  • Stupid clergymen appeal quite directly to a Bible passage directly understood ....
    Soren Kirkegaard

  • What is the point of the arts of reading and criticism as long as the ecclesiastical interpretation of the Bible, Protestant as well as Catholic, is cultivated as ever?
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  • A figure like Ecclesiast, rugged and luminous, chants in the dark a text that is the answer, although obscure.
    Wallace Stevens

  • Myth is the poetry of the soul.
    Sara Maitland

  • Our loss of the ability to think mythically, poetically, allegorically, creatively, theologically, and artfully is a greater threat to our religious experience than anything good scientists have to report ...
    Sara Maitland

  • In general, Zen attitude is that words and truth are incompatible, or at least that no words can capture truth.
    Douglas Hofstadter

  • 'God' is a one word poem
    Rowan Williams

  • What is today? Today is eternity.
    Meister Eckhart

  • Apprehend God in all things, for God is in all things.
    Meister Eckhart

  • The most powerful hunger we have, mostly suppressed and misdirected, is the hunger for God.
    Miroslav Volf

  • We frequently judge that things are as we wish them to be, for through personal feeling true perspective is easily lost.
    Thomas a Kempis

  • Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.
    Rabindranath Tagore

  • God is the beyond in our midst.
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • 'God is not the answer, God is the question.'
    Herbert McCabe