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1. OPEN TO ALL Coffee and tea
will be served in the Bill McDonald Hall
at the close of the Sunday services.
Everyone is very welcome.


Coffee and Blethers was a new venture
started a few years ago to cover the
summer period when the Thursday
Club is on holiday. It is a friendship
group open to the whole community,
especially those who might feel lonely
or isolated and in need of companionship.
We meet in the Bill McDonald Hall on
the 2nd and 4th Thursdays during the
months of June, July and August from
2.00pm to 3.30pm starting on 8 June.
You don’t have to stay all the time,
just pop in when you feel like it, stay as
long as you wish and enjoy tea or juice
and of course a blether. We do hope to
see you there. If you would like more
details please contact Christina Somerville,
Deirdre Eustace or the church office
(0131 667 1522).



Mulligan is the principal contact point
for pastoral matters until such time as
a replacement is appointed for Kay. The
contact details remain the same as before
- pastoralassistantms@gmail.com
(phone 07587 043 191). Please contact
Anne if you have any pastoral issues or
concerns and/or if you wish anyone to
be remembered in the confidential
prayer chain or wish to be added to
the email circulation list.



WORKER We welcome Bettina Hather
who has been appointed to the post
of Children and Young Adult Worker
meantime until the end of 2023. Her
contact details are as follows -
email: youthworkermspc@gmail.com
Phone number: 0778 319 0114



6. GIVING – QR CODE Our Quick
Response code is a handy way of
using your smart ‘phone or tablet’s
QR app to link you to our Giving Page.
Once you have joined the Giving Page
safeguards are still operative. PLATES:
Those who would have wished to use it
may make use of the offering plates
situated in the vestibule and halls
entrance, at the close of the service.
Regular and one-off donations are
possible online at www.give.net/20311853 
(scan the QR code) or please contact
our Freewill Offerings Treasurer, Hugh
Somerville on 0131 466 2446 or



still available. All are welcome for the
final walk on the Forth to Farne Way.
Saturday 10 June Beal Farm Cafe to
Lindisfarne (approx 5 miles across the
sands) Please sign up for this walk by
emailing Pennie McIntyre at
penniemcintyre@hotmail.com We will
be going by coach to Lindisfarne. Please
let me know ASAP if you wish to join
the coach as I have to decide that week
whether to hire one or two coaches. If
you do not wish to walk across the sands
you are welcome to walk across the
causeway , or to stay on the coach and
drive across the causeway. We can then
all meet up in Lindisfarne and particularly
for the service of communion which we
are hoping to hold on the island. If you
wish to travel by car and not walk across
the sands please let me know so that I
can give you our time of arrival and the
safe time to cross the causeway.’



Scottish food banks, have given out over
a QUARTER OF A MILLION food parcels
were distributed through the network over
the past 12 months – 90 THOUSAND to
children. In the year to April 2023 12,822
parcels left thr Edinburgh warehouse to
go to our seven foodbanks across the city
– that’s 50% more than the year before.
Scoop newsletter May 2023

•30% of food parcels were for children

•60% of referrals were for households
with 3 or more people

•67% of parcels were distributed from
Craigmillar (25%), Grassmarket(23%)
and Pilton (19%)

• Food banks are supporting more
and more people who are facing deepening
hardship and distress. Everyone should be
able to afford the essentials in life, no
one should need a food bank to get by.
The Edinburgh Food banks are delivering
a range of support to address the root
causes of financial hardship. These services
are essential in ensuring people receive
all the financial support they are entitled
to. The development of a community
hub wishes being integrated to be able
to offer additional services to people in
Craigmillar area, which is busiest food
bank in Edinburgh.

However, there are an increasing number
of people whose income is still too low
to get by even after financial support to
help maximise their income. The Edinburgh
Food Project is supported by the Trussell
Trust and Joseph Rowntree Foundation
‘Essentials Guarantee’ to make sure that
Universal Credit is at least enough to
afford the essentials we all need, such
as food, energy and basic household
goods – and that deductions can never
pull people below this level.

Research by the charities reveals that
the £85 weekly Universal Credit standard
allowance is at least £35 less than the
weekly cost of essential items for a single
person, contributing to hundreds of
thousands of people being forced to
use food banks because they can’t make ends meet.

What items are needed urgently:
• UHT Milk
• Long-life Fruit Juice
• Jam
• Tinned Cold Meat
• Tinned Fruit

The following items are not needed:

• Pasta
• Tinned Tomatoes


Thank you for your generous support.
Joan Adam





Forthcoming Deadlines
Order of service for next week: Thursday at 6.00pm
Next parish magazine Grapevine: Friday 7 July at 6.00pm


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 WELCOME! We are glad to see you worship with us today and hope to
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