Many find that membership of a House Group is the springboard for the exploration of their faith and is fundamental to their life in the church. 

There are several groups and all are different in character, membership profile and study style. Meetings take place in an informal setting with others who are keen to explore their faith through study, discussion, prayer and fellowship. House Groups are open to all: those sure of their faith, those living with unanswered or unanswerable questions, those creatively living with doubt.

Each group organises itself and selects its own material, which might be Bible study, a book with a spiritual theme, a topical issue or a DVD or CD, perhaps with a study guide. Members of groups take it in turns to lead and host the group if they so wish, but all members sing the praises of House Groups as places of fellowship and support as well as being part of their spiritual journey. They are fun too: parties, shared meals and plenty of laughs along the way. Groups may also have the occasional day out. Here a group are on a day pilgrimage to the Scottish Borders

There are groups running on most days, in the morning, afternoon or evening, and at intervals of one week to one month, depending on what an individual group decides.  

The convener, Diana Tudhope, will be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to join a House Group, or indeed start a new one. Contact Diana by telephoning -   0131 669 4189 or email - 

House Groups may find the page on Silent Prayer helpful. Also helpful is Word of LIfe, pubished by the Church of Scotland Mission and Discipleship Council. This is a collection of prayers, devotions, blessings and reflections on how we pray. 

In the Order of Service each Sunday at Mayfield Salisbury, the minister suggests 'Books for the journey'. Recent suggestions are noted below.

Mark Oakley
My Sour-Sweet Days: George Herbert and the Journey of the Soul
Rowan Williams
Luminaries: Twenty lives that illuminate the Christian Way
Karen Armstrong
The Lost Art of Scripture: Rescuing the Sacred Texts
Enzo BIanchi
Words of Spirituality: Exploring the Inner Life
Marcus Borg
Days of Awe and Wonder
Richard Harries
Haunted: Modern Writers and the Struggle for Faith
Richard Rohr
The Universal Christ
Harold Kushner
When All You’ve Ever Wanted Isn’t Enough
Harold Kushner
When Bad Things Happen To Good People
Ron Miller & Laura Bernstein
Healing the Jewish-Christian Rift
Peter Stanford
Judas:  the troubling history of the renegade apostle
Sheila Upjohn
In Search of Julian of Norwich
Patrick Woodhouse
Etty Hillesum:  A Life Transformed
Elizabeth A Johnson
Ask the Beasts:  Darwin and the God of Love
Diarmaid  MacCulloch
All things Made New: Writings on the Reformation
Finlay Macdonald
From Reform to Renewal : Scotland’s Kirk Century by Century
Mark Oakley
The Splash of Words
Heinz Schilling
Martin Luther:  Rebel in an Age of Upheaval
A N Wilson
Charles Darwin:  Victorian Mythmaker
David Foster 
Deep Calls to Deep
Alastair McIntosh
Poacher’s Pilgrimage
Rowan Williams 
Being Christian
Jim Cotter (Compiled) 
Etched by Silence:  A Pilgrimage through the poetry of R S Thomas
Philip Newell
 A New Harmony:  The Spirit, The Earth and The Human Soul
Barbara Brown Taylor
When God is Silent:  Divine Language Beyond Words